Wall Paintings

We paint walls in rural areas with awareness or cultural art in the form of interactive workshops with underprivileged children. We aim to expand the world of art to rural areas by painting panting walls with cultural or socially relevant art.

Outside a housing area

Tata Nagar, Jamshedpur
13th Januaury 2021
Near a school, outside a housing area, we asked the kids what they can do to conserve the environment and wrote them down with them on the wall. They put their hand prints as they pledged to espouse cleanliness, afforestation and conserve water in their daily lives.


Barinagar, Jamshedpur
14th Januaury 2021
Painted at a daycare, a flower on request in their common room. The children watched in awe and we were invited to tea by a lot of them. We did individual paintings on request in a few houses in the same area!

At little Palak's House

16th Januaury 2021
We took up individual requests as the kids melted our hearts. Little Palak was our tour guide in Barinagar. We painted at her house on request, a flower, a popular design due to the famous mehendi art in the area. We matched it to her clothes, and she loved it!

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